Amazonas launches State Health Surveillance Plan for Coping with Drought Situations

The Amazonas State Government, through the Amazonas Health Surveillance Foundation – Dr. Rosemary Costa Pinto and the State Health Secretariat, have launched the Contingency Plan for Health Surveillance Efforts for Drought in Amazonas, to guide municipalities in dealing with the situation this year. The document is available at

Producers affected by drought to receive R$850 benefit

Small farmers, extractivists and fishermen with an income of up to 1.5 minimum wages, who have lost production because of the drought, will be paid a benefit of R$850. Fishermen will also be able to withdraw their Seguro Defeso (closed season insurance) funds in advance.

State government renegotiates debts of producers affected by drought

The renegotiation of debts and credits due was granted to producers who have financed with Afeam (Amazonas State Development Agency), in addition to the suspension of the collection process, interest on arrears, fines and also the denial of clients with credit restriction agencies.

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